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A message from the Directors of Pride Games

Every Pride Games event depends on the hard work and dedication of individual volunteers and our partners in Manchester's growing LGBT sports and leisure community. We would like to take this opportunity to publically acknowledge how important their continuing efforts are in making Pride Games an event for the entire LGBT community in Manchester to be proud of.

So on behalf of Pride Games may we take this opportunity to introduce a few of our team...

Trevor Burchick
Trevor Burchick M.B.E
Director, Pride Games

Louise Englefield
Director, Pride Games

Sally Carr
Sally Carr
Director, Youth Games

Matt Helbert
Matthew Helbert
Positively Healthy
Mikey Maxwell
Mikey Maxwell
Registration & Enquiries
Chris Neilson
Quays Events

Martin Toal
Martin Toal

Kevin Dawson
Kevin Dawson
Designer 2008


We also like to thank and celebrate the continuing contribution made by the members of...

Open Athletics for our opening fun day in Alexandra Park, Athletics and 10k Run

GHAP Badminton for our Badminton Tournament

Northern Wave Swimming Club for the aquatics events


Uberfitevents for our Aquathlon at Salford Quays, Thursday September 11th www.uberfitevents.com